The Yc3 ended June 2011, please contact ERB Youth Board at Facebook.


South Baltic Programme

Region Blekinge


Yc³ (Youth Cross-border Cooperation and Communication) is a project aiming to give young people around the South Baltic Sea an opportunity to influence politicians on subjects that they are interested in.

The project is also aiming to be a platform for networking where young people can meet to exchange ideas and cooperate with other young people in the area. The project is started by Youth Board that consists of youngsters from Sweden, Denmark, Poland, Russia and Lithuania.

Youth Board is a part of the political organisation Euroregion Baltic (ERB) and has therefore the opportunity to influence political issues that are important to young people. To find out what is important, the project will form an arena for:

- Participation
- Influence
- Intercultural dialogue
- Cross border cooperation

These are ingredients that form the content of the project. This will be realised through networking and meetings containing themes such as entrepreneurship, equality, mobility and environment.

Join us!

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Lead Partner: Region Blekinge, Ronnebygatan 2, 37132 Karlskrona, Sweden  I  Phone +46 455 30 50 30  I  E-mail