The Yc3 ended June 2011, please contact ERB Youth Board at Facebook.


South Baltic Programme

Region Blekinge


It all started with the political cooperation which became Euroregion Baltic (ERB) in 1998. It includes 8 regions around the South Baltic Sea from 5 countries. For about two years ago it was decided to also include young people in the cooperation, and Youth Board was created. The young representatives are members of the ERB Council and the chairperson from Youth Board is a member in the ERB Executive Board. This way Youth Board is very special, they have the same possibilities as the rest of the members in ERB to influence the agenda.

The difficult part for the Youth Board members is to make something out of this opportunity since they are participating on their spare time. They also need other young voices to bring forward. This is why the project Yc3 was created.

Yc3 makes it possible for the Youth Board members to participate and influence in the structures of ERB. The project is also creating a platform for other young people and organisations to give their opinions on different subjects. This will hopefully also lead to new cooperations and fruitful connections between young people in the south Baltic Sea area.

Last modified October/17/2011


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